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Gold Digger App Game is simple to play and it is absolutely FREE! There is no additional software to download. Just signup and start playing the game.

If you don’t already have an account, please sign up here. You’ll always need to sign in using your email address, as well as your password. Please don’t lose this information however; you can always retrieve your password here.  Playing the Gold Digger App Game is as easy as signing up. Once you log into your account, you’ll see a screen similar to the game board below. Remember, you can always switch game boards in Your Account.

How To Win Gift Cards

In our free online Gold Digger game, players must left click on the grid squares and compete to locate hidden gold credits and free instant Amazon gift cards, valued at up to $100! The players who find instant win prizes, actually wins that prize. At the end of the month, the 10 players with the most gold credits win Amazon gift cards.